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Program Schedule — Thursday, May 15

Schedule is subject to change—please consult onsite signage or volunteers for any last minute changes.

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Thursday, May 15
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Exhibit Hall
  Gateway Ballroom & Prefunction
8:00 am - 8:30 am
Repeat Student Orientation; Return to Mars: A Kerbal Adventure in 3D Design (Episode #1)
Screening Hermosa & Laguna (California Ballroom)
8:30 am - 9:45 am
Opening Ceremonies — Los Angeles, Nexus of the Space Industry
Morning Plenary Grand Ballroom DEF
Opening Ceremonies. Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, David J. Gorney, Senior Vice President, Space Systems Group, The Aerospace Corporation MC: Ivan M. Rosenberg - President and CEO, Frontier Associates, Inc., and Co-Founder and Executive Director, Aerospace & Defense Forum
10:00 am - 12:00 noon
Morning Track Sessions
Living In Space Track
  Salon 205 (2nd floor)
10:00 am Asteroid Mining: Why? How? Michael Buet
10:25 am Communicating Biochemical Change in Vitality as Gravity Changes. Terry Tang
11:00 am Space Burg - NASA/NSS Student Space Settlement Contest Presentation. Alina Lascu,
Maria Laura Dumbrava
11:10 am Astro-Humanism Panel. Walter Putnam and Jim Pass
NASA/Exploration - Asteroid Subtrack
  Seminar Room (2nd floor)
10:00 am Track Introduction. Carl Schueler
10:00 am Space Exploration at JPL and the Search for Signs of Life. Jakob van Zyl
10:25 am Asteroid Track Chair Introduction. Dan Kwon
10:25 am Arecibo and Goldstone radar imaging of near-Earth asteroids: Flyby missions every month. Mike Nolan
11:00 am The Dawn Mission: Electrifying Tales from the Asteroid Belt. Marc Rayman
11:25 am Asteroid Capture Technology for NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission. Brian Wilcox
Space & Media Track
  Salon 214 (2nd floor)
10:00 am Welcome & Preview. David Knight
10:15 am Screening of Three Nights, Three Days: Endeavour's Journey Through Los Angeles. David Knight
11:00 am Creating a Community Sensation Through Moving a National Treasure. William Harris
Space Engagement Track
  Salon 210 (2nd floor)
10:00 am UrtheCast: Harnessing Ultra HD Earth Video From Space. Scott Larson
10:25 am Space Engagement through Emerging Space Industry Leaders Workshops. Ken Davidian
11:00 am A Crowdfunding Success Story: How Planetary Resources “Kicked" for Science. Caitlin O’Keefe
11:25 am The New Apollo-level Space Age. Bruce Cordell
Space Enterprise Track
  Redondo (California Ballroom)
10:00 am Space Enterprise Track Opening Keynote.
11:00 am Panel discussion: Growth Markets in the Space Enterprise Economy. Rex Ridenoure Moderator: Sean Casey
Space Policy Track
  Salon 211 (2nd floor)
10:00 am Meet the NSS Policy Committee. Paul Werbos and Dale Skran
10:25 am NSS ITAR Position and Update. Paul Werbos
11:00 am NSS Response to the NRC: Why Humans in Space? Bruce Pittman
11:25 am NSS Position Paper on HR3625. Dale Skran
Space Solar Power Track
  Santa Catalina (3rd floor)
10:00 am Overview Perspective - The case for Space Solar Power. John Mankins
10:25 am Energy from Space: Challenges ahead from Technical to Political. Paul Werbos
11:00 am Space-to-Space power beaming. Gary Barnhard
11:25 am Phased Arrays. Seth Potter
12:00 noon - 1:50 pm
Lunch & Keynote
  Grand Ballroom DEF
Keynote Speaker: Geoffrey Notkin, Meteorite Expert & Star of Science Channel's Meteorite Men. MC: Nicola Sarzi-Amade, Vice President, Business Development, Scorpius Space Launch Company
12:00 noon - 12:30 pm
Student Lunch
  California Prefunction
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Repeat Student Orientation; 3D Design in Space: Mission To Mars, Episode 1 (rerun)
Orientation & Screening Hermosa & Laguna (California Ballroom)
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Student Poster Session
Posters Grand Ballroom ABC
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Afternoon Track Sessions
Living In Space Track
  Salon 205 (2nd floor)
2:00 pm The American Energy Security Crisis Solution—Space Solar Power. Mike Snead
2:25 pm The Relevance of Astrosociology in 2014. Jim Pass
3:00 pm Space Settlement “Daphne” - NASA/NSS Student Space Settlement Contest Presentation. Nikola Iliyanov, Aleksandar Ivanov
3:10 pm Virtual World, Experiencing Space on Earth. Robert Frantz, Kim Peart and Jacquelyn Ford Morie
4:00 pm Planetary Defense Panel: Threat Evolution, Asteroid Threats and Directed Energy. Madhu Thangavelu, Bill Ailor, Paul Chodas, and Philip Lubin
5:00 pm Spacekit - NASA/NSS Student Space Settlement Contest Presentation. Alper-Ender Osman
5:10 pm Mamani - NASA/NSS Student Space Settlement Contest Presentation. Aamlan Saswat Mishra
5:25 pm Space Philosophy. Bob Krone and Kepler Space Institute Team
NASA/Exploration - Asteroid Subtrack
  Seminar Room (2nd floor)
2:00 pm Asteroid Redirect Mission. Michele Gates
2:25 pm Finding and Characterizing Targets for NASA's Proposed Asteroid Redirect Mission. Paul Chodas
3:00 pm Where’s the Stuff? An Overview of Solar System Properties and Resources. Seth Potter
3:25 pm Preparing for Surprises: What the NEA community can learn from how other communities respond to unexpected events. Dave Baiocchi
4:00 pm Helios - NASA/NSS Student Space Settlement Contest Presentation. Andra Albisoru, Andrei Turtoi, Catalin Maslaev, Mihai Petrea
4:10 pm Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission: Robotic Boulder Capture Option and Implications for Planetary Defense and Resource Utilization. Dan Mazanek
5:00 pm The Various Challenges of Asteroid Resource Extraction. Daniel Faber
5:25 pm Methods and Apparatus for Mitigating Space Debris. Joe Resnick
Space & Media Track
  Hermosa & Laguna (California Ballroom)
2:00 pm Graphic Novels - Reclaiming Tomorrow: The Transmedia World of FutureDude. Jeff Morris, Dorion Sagan, and Christopher Jones
3:00 pm Immersion Technology: Our Virtual Gateway To Space. Buzz Hays
4:00 pm From Avatar to Gravity: Lighting Photoreal Digital Actors. Paul Debevec
5:00 pm Endeavour's Amazing Road Trip. Russ Koble and David Knight
5:25 pm Screening of Three Nights, Three Days: Endeavour's Journey Through Los Angeles. Melissa Eccles and David Knight
Space Engagement Track
  Salon 210 (2nd floor)
2:00 pm Global Panel. Scott Larson, Ken Davidian, Ales Nohel, Cameron Ashkar, and Artiom Anisimov
3:00 pm Space Culture and Business & Market. Misuzu Onuki
3:25 pm Get Some Space! Real Stuff Teachers (and you!) Can Do Today. Liz Kennick
4:00 pm How the Space Renaissance Benefits from a Renaissance in Education. David Thornburg
4:25 pm Beyond Advocacy: The Role of the National Space Society Going Forward / Makerspaces In Space, Developing A Makerspace For Space Projects. Brandon Larson and Ethan Chew
5:00 pm Out Of This World Engagement - Workshop. Janet Ivey and Mare Gilmore
5:25 pm Hands On Activities that support NGSS and create Engagement
Space Experience - Astronomy Subtrack
  Malibu (California Ballroom)
2:00 pm Exploring the Planets - The Views from the Ground and the Sky. Stephen Edberg
3:00 pm TBD
4:00 pm New Horizons: To Pluto and the Solar System's Frontier (remote speaker). Alan Stern (via Skype)
5:00 pm How big is the Universe? Tim Thompson
Space Enterprise Track
  Redondo (California Ballroom)
2:00 pm Capital Formation: Where the Money Is and Isn't. Rex Ridenoure, Randy Glein Moderator: TBD
3:00 pm Overcoming Barriers to Space Tourism. Kevin Heath and Michael S Kelly
4:00 pm Q&A. Space Mining: The Value Proposition.
4:25 pm Q&A. Rise of the CubeSat. Eric Anderson, Rich Pournelle, and Jordi Puig-Suari
5:00 pm Doing Business with NASA and the Military. Mark Pieczynski, Gene Tattini, Jim Armor, and Thomas Taverney. Moderator: Ivan Rosenberg
Space Policy Track
  Salon 211 (2nd floor)
2:00 pm NSS-ACSI Panel: Next Steps in Space Infrastructure. Dale Skran, John Strickland, Gordon Woodcock, Doug Plata, David Cheuvront, Ron Kohl, and Al Globus
3:00 pm A Practical Evolution of Space Architectures to Support Settlement. Gordon Woodcock
4:00 pm NSS Position Paper: Defense Against Cosmic Impacts. Al Globus and Casey Dreier
4:25 pm NSS Position Paper: Commercial Crew. Dale Skran
5:00 pm Yahvi - NASA/NSS Student Space Settlement Contest Presentation. Anmol Chordia, Apoorva Patil, Deepti Tanpure, Ishani Sasdev, Prerana Mantri, Tanvi Gandhi, Tejaswi Kandi
5:10 pm Greenwich Haven Platform - NASA/NSS Student Space Settlement Contest Presentation. Anca Elena Gheorghe, Cristian Alexandru, Dragomir, Raluca Turcu, Maria Silvia Uzum
5:20 pm GURU - NASA/NSS Student Space Settlement Contest Presentation. Prashil Joshi, Sakshee
5:30 pm The Space Frontier in an Election Year (2014/2016). David Rader
Space Solar Power Track
  Santa Catalina (3rd floor)
2:00 pm SSP Sandwich Module Design, Prototyping, and Testing. Paul Jaffe
2:25 pm Beyond SSP Alpha. John Mankins
3:00 pm Current SSP Work & SSP 2014 Kobe Report. Nobuyuki Kaya
3:30 pm SSP Assembly Challenges. Gordon Woodcock
4:00 pm Summary of SSPS study and Ground WPT program in J-spacesystems. Shoichiro Mihara
4:25 pm TBD
5:00 pm International SunSat Design Competition Winners. Don Flournoy
OOOOjOOOO Student Programming
  San Clemente (3rd floor)
5:00 pm Getting Into Top Colleges - Student Session #1. Nick Orenstein (USC Astronautical Engineering PhD candidate), Kshitij Mall (Purdue Astronautical Engineering PhD candidate), Mark Barthelemy (OOOOjOOOO
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
NSS Town Hall Meeting
NSS Meeting Salon 211 (2nd floor)
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Cocktail Reception
  Hermosa & Laguna (California Ballroom)
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Dinner & Keynote: Government and Private Roles in Space Settlement
  Grand Ballroom
Keynote Speaker: Jeff Greason, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors, XCOR AerospaceSpace Pioneer Award to John Lewis, Professor Emeritus of Planetary Sciences & Co-Director, Space Engineering Research Center, University of Arizona: Vision, Resources, and a Future Worthy of the Name
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Film: Three Nights, Three Days, David Knight (20 min.); Film: Man on a Mission, Richard Garriott (90 min.)
Screening Hermosa & Laguna (California Ballroom)
9:30 pm - Till
NSS Meeting
  Parlor Suite
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