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John Spencer

Since the late 1970s John has been one of very few designers pioneering the field of outer space architecture. He worked on designs for NASA for the “Freedom” Space Station and did the first interior designs/models for the “SpaceHab” Module. In 1982 he started pioneering the space tourism industry, basing it on the cruise line industry, and since the mid-1990s he has been designing his original concept for an orbital super yacht called “Destiny.”
He has an extensive background in spaceport planning and design and designed the interiors for an underwater hab/lab still in operation and a science base built in Antarctica. He is the author with Karen L. Rugg of the first book on space tourism published in the United States called Space Tourism—Do You Want to Go? He founded the Space Tourism Society in 1995. www.spacetourismsociety.org. He has been quoted and appeared in over 150 TV and radio shows, newspaper and magazines articles on space tourism. He coined the term Space Experience Economy (SEE) in 2005.
Paralleling his real space work is his design and development work on Earth-based space themed real estate ventures, with over $300 million invested in his concepts to date. He is currently designing a terminal building for the Mojave Air and Space Port and a proposed $1.8 billion space/Mars/future themed mixed use complex called “Mars World” to be built in Las Vegas. He is also an advisor on space themed movies, TV shows and computer games. The fusion of real space and entertainment space design provides a unique perspective and service to his clients and his own ventures.

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